Specialty Areas


Custom metal racks designed and fabricated for industrial processes and material handling including powder coating, plating, and painting. Need a fix? We can refurbish existing metal racks to keep your operation running on time.


Custom metal products designed and fabricated for retail displays including metal store displays, gondola store fixture accessories, and wire racks.

Assembly & Packaging

We provide finishing services for your product or packaging components, full assembly and packaging services, and parts kitting customized to your specifications.

Outsource to Increase Capacity

Too much to do? If you have a big project, a tight timeline, and need help getting it done right, outsource your specialty metal and assembly needs to us. We’ll be an extension of your team that delivers product and services that ensure that you and your customers are thrilled.

Design.  Produce.  Deliver.


A manufacturer of appliance needed a parts carrier modified for a monorail system.  The project was put out for bid with quotes received from several vendors including the company that produced the original carrier tool.  Busch & Thiem was awarded the order.

Design:  Produced a prototype that allowed the carrier to hold 5 parts instead of 3 and it was approved for production.

Precision:  Because parts were loaded and unloaded using automated equipment, the exact location of the parts on the carrier were critical to its success.

Delivery:  The customer’s monorail process needed to be in continuous use during the transition to the new parts carrier.  Busch & Thiem created and coordinated a process that allowed the customer to rotate out existing racks and to receive the new modified racks.  The staggered production and delivery schedule included frequent Saturday loads and unloads to keep their line operational during the week.

Busch & Thiem worked with the customer to protect their business. Our design allowed the customer to modify and upcycle existing racks which saved time and money.  And we created a production schedule and delivery system that enabled the customer to keep their lineup and running at full production.

Prototype. Solve the problem. Deliver.


Busch & Thiem was contracted to produce tire display units based on a dimensional design submitted by the customer.  Busch & Thiem was responsible for creating the structural design to meet the specifications. The display unit was to hold 4 forklift truck tires in a tubular structure similar to a bike rack. 

Once the first display was formed and ready to weld, the customer brought tires to our shop to check the fit before final production.  Due to an error in the customer’s drawing geometry, the tires did not fit the frame.  We needed to fix the problem.

Start from scratch and redesign?  The customer suggested that we make additional brackets and remake the tubing.  That would have added significant cost, not to mention weeks to the delivery date. Given a few hours of think time and sketching, the team at Busch & Thiem offered a solution that only required modification of the existing structure.  Through a calculated shortening of the existing tube structure, we changed the point of contact which made the tires fit.  The modified design salvaged the already formed tubes and only added a couple of days to the delivery date.  Additional costs were kept to a minimum because much of the initial work was saved.